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Day 66: Sharing is Caring

November 11, 2010

Since making the decision to start blogging again, I’ve been struggling with the best way to play catch-up. In the name of transparency, I have decided not to fudge the dates as if I have been posting all along. However, this does mean that there is going to be a massive amount of posting in the future. Please bear with me as I try to even out the onslaught of posts (if anyone is even still there…).

While I really enjoy preparing fresh ingredients and combining them into a delicious meal, occasionally, I enjoy being doted on and having a piping hot meal served to me in a restaurant. The thing about eating out is that unless you order from the kid’s menu (which I often do despite relentless teasing from my boyfriend), the portions are massive. Inevitably, I always end up with leftovers.

And so does everyone else at the table.

Since everyone at the table was heading back to the same household, rather than each taking a separate take-out box, I decided that it made more sense to share one box. Sharing means less waste. See mom? I did learn something in kindergarten.


Day 65: Virtual Birthday Cards

November 11, 2010

What a perfect card for this post


Well, well, well. Look who’s finally decided to join the blogosphere again? I know it has been a long absence, but please forgive me. I don’t really have a good excuse other than Life. I finally decided that the more I let this project get away from me, the more upset I will be with myself come day 365. However, just because I haven’t been blogging daily doesn’t mean that I have forgotten my commitment to one green action a day.

April 20 (the day I last left off) just so happens to be 2 of my good friends birthdays. In order to avoid  a one-time-use card (and well, let’s face it- I’m a procrastinator!) I sent them both lovely e-cards. There are tons of different sites to choose from, and most of them allow you to send cards for free. One of my favorite sites to use is Of course I realize that this site isn’t for everyone, but I’ve managed to find a few appropriate ones to send to my mom on mother’s day. Which ever site you decide to use, sending e-cards can be a great way to help cut down on waste.

Day 64: Meatless Monday nachos

June 8, 2010

by tvancort

Meatless Mondays are a trend amongst some American households to reduce the amount of meat that they consume. Motivation for some might be to save money, live a healthier lifestyle, or in my case, to consume less resources. It just takes more space, fossil fuels, and water to produce one pound of meat versus one pound of plants. Instead of a green action, Mondays will be devoted to sharing favorite vegetarian recipes or showcasing pictures of awesome vegetarian food.

We made nachos! Nothing fancy, but my new roommate was gracious enough to feed all of us her leftover chips covered in black beans, and cheese. Top it off with salsa and it was amazing. (Ok, I’ll admit it- her half had chicken on it, but she was nice enough to leave mine chicken- free in honor of meatless Monday!)

ps- Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of the beautiful tray of deliciousness. Instead, I borrowed someone else’s amazing photo.

Day 63: San Diego Earth Fair

June 8, 2010

"No Plastic" display at the San Diego Earth Fair

The unfortunate thing about Earth Day is that it doesn’t always fall a “good” day of the week to fully appreciate Earth Day in all its glory. San Diego decided to celebrate Earth Day a few days early on Sunday, April 18.

My friend told me that San Diego actually has one of the largest Earth Day fairs, so I was pretty excited to see all of the exhibits. Pretty much every corner of Balboa Park was covered in exhibitors, clothing booths, fair food, and people. I felt an amazing sense of community and it was great to see some of the organizations behind all of the great environmental work going on in San Diego.

The only complaint that I have is that because of all the pre-Earth Day celebrations, people got confused when it was actually Earth Day. I even missed a sale on 2 for 1 vegetable plants at Home Depot because of this. I thought the sale was on Earth Day (April 22) when it was actually on “Earth Day” (April 18). Bummer. Guess I’m starting my garden from seeds.

Day 62: Craigslist is magical

June 7, 2010

I feel very fortunate that I have such great friends in San Diego. Since I could only bring one car load of things down with me, bringing any sort of furniture was a definite no-no. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of my friends, I’ve been lucky enough to sleep on an air mattress (it’s an aerobed- the good kind!) instead of the floor.

Despite the fact that I love the ‘free’ bed, I thought it was high time that I try to find something a little more permanent- something that didn’t require pumping up with more air every week. After a week of searching, I had found my dream bed. Ok, not my dream bed, but the bed that fit my price range. I am now the proud owner of a new-to-me wooden futon frame and mattress. Granted, the mattress is kind of thin on one side as it was used as a couch, but the frame is in great condition. The best part? It was only $75 , it didn’t end up in a landfill, and I didn’t have to buy a new (resource intensive) piece of furniture.

Craigslist isn’t the only website of this type out there. Many cities will have their own post-and-trade system so if craigslist isn’t doing it for ya, I’m sure there is a site that will.

Day 61: Keep the top shelf clean

June 4, 2010

Oops, we need to work on the amount of stuff in our fridge.

Apparently this is common news, but I was really excited when I found out that by clearing out the top shelf of your refrigerator you can save energy. I guess refrigerators work by blowing cold out over the top shelf and the cold air sinks to the bottom cooling your food on the way down. (I’m pretty sure I just had a “duh” moment right there.) Obviously, if you are cramming last nights’ takeout on the top shelf, it is going to be harder for the cold air to get through, thus your refrigerator has to work harder to keep you food cold. The next time you go out, take a friend. That way leftovers won’t be a top shelf issue.

Day 60: Join the clean plate club

April 28, 2010

image taken from re-nest

The age old debate: is the dishwasher more efficient than hand washing? The short answer is maybe. This treehugger article nicely details the water use, energy use, and carbon footprint of both hand washing and using the dishwasher. Whichever method you decide to use in your household, there is one thing that we could all be doing a little better- cleaning our plates.

The Kitchen Scraper is this nifty little tool that allows you to scrape off every little scrap from you plate and put it into your compost pile. (I’m sure a rubber scraper will work just fine- use what you got!) Not only will this cut down on the amount of water you need in order to get your dishes squeaky clean, but it also reduces the amount of soap you need to use. I love tools that are smart for the environment and smart for your wallet.